Have You Lost the Romance (with Your Vessel!)?


She was all you thought about for so long and you’ve shared so many memories together but lately much has changed. Are you wondering where the love for your vessel has gone? You don’t have to be comfortable with how things are today. Here are four things you can do to upgrade your vessel and rekindle your passion for life at sea!

  • Upgrade to the New JETS Vacuum Toilet System.

Make your life easier in 2016 with an upgrade to a highly-functioning sanitation system. The JETS Vacuum Toilet System will keep you compliant while offering you a reliable and hygienic toilet system. We also offer an exchange program for JETS Vacuumarator pumps to save you additional time and money and while leaving your crew members available to take care of other needs on ship.summer-1283743_1920

  • Welcome a New Food Waste Management System.

Food waste management can be an arduous task without efficient systems to save you time and keep you compliant with ease. Transform the experience on your vessel with a new food waste management system such as the ORCA. The ORCA has the ability to process over 1 ton of food waste each day, turning it all into water that will not harm the environment and is disposed of via the sewage system! There are various models based on the your food waste management needs and the size of your vessel. Save on time and money while staying compliant with the latest regulations in 2016. Did you know that systems purchased with Total Marine Solutions come with support for the entire system life cycles? You may also enjoy support for the planning and installation and we offer training for crew members to get comfortable with operating systems in the safest and most efficient manners possible.

  • Treat Her to Some Maintenance.

Has your vessel undergone all of its recommended maintenance schedules? If not, you could be making a costly mistake. Maintenance keeps your vessel safe, compliant and cost efficient.

  • Retrain Your Crew.

The best of vessels and technology systems cannot achieve much without a well-trained crew! Even crew members that have received the best of training need to undergo newer programs from time to time to stay up-to-date and informed of the latest and most efficient processes on ship. Retrain your crew to learn about the latest technologies, systems and procedures or send them to our training programs to save yourself valuable money and time.


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