New Year Resolutions for Your Boat!

Ah, what feels better than a fresh start to a new year?! There are endless opportunities before us and we’re excited to see how everything plays out for us in 2017. Your personal and professional resolutions are likely well underway – even in this first week of the year. The question is, have you crafted any resolutions for your vessel? Give your watercraft the attention it deserves by taking the time to maintain it to the best of your ability, by making your vessel more ecologically-friendly and more!

Resolution: Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule.

Make 2017 the year you stick to the maintenance of your craft! Newer vessels typically come with dealer-created maintenance schedules, otherwise, create one yourself and make it a point to stick to it. When we miss recommended times for maintenance, we cause further wear and tear to our vessels which does two things – it creates additional expenses and it decreases the life of your

Just as it goes with your own health, preventative measures are far better than trying to heal once the damage has been made.

Resolution: Update Your Onboard Equipment.

Every single piece of equipment and every supply on the vessel should be analyzed each year to see if it’s time to shop! Old equipment can mean faulty equipment and some items even expire such as certain models of life vests. Do a quick walkthrough then have fun shopping for replacement items. You’ll find the options for offerings tend to change dramatically over the years.

Resolution: Strive for a More Eco-Friendly Vessel.

With global environmental concerns increasing year after year, we think it’s a wonderful resolution to aim to make an easier impact on the environment. If you’re shopping for a new vessel, there are so many new models that have been designed to be a lot more ecologically-friendly. Be sure to check those out! If you’re not in the market for a new boat, there are still many options to choose from to make your vessel a lot more eco-friendly. You can switch your light bulbs to LED versions. They use a fraction of energy and last much, much longer. Switch to environmentally-friendly cleaning products and paints for your vessel.

Find out if you can recycle your old fluids at your marina! It’s a great way to process substances that would otherwise be toxic and harmful for the environment.

Enjoy your fresh vessel and the New Year!


01-06-2017 at 9:45