Taking Ashford’s Challenge to Heart – TMS & the Community

volunteer-1326758_1280We gained a lot from so many industry professionals from the recent Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) Conference aboard the ms Koningsdam. In fact, there’s one challenge we’ve certainly taken to heart. Holland America Line President Orlando Ashford challenged all of us to find a way to give a bigger purpose and meaning to our professional achievements. We absolutely connect with his mindset here at TMS. We understand that our own professional and business successes don’t mean much if they don’t serve to make a larger impact.
We don’t live in a bubble and so our achievements should not only serve to do something for ourselves. No matter what line of work you’re in, you can find the ways that your own professional success benefits others. If your line of work is not set up in such a way, you can still make an effort to make an impact by way of volunteering your skills to an important cause, making donations or otherwise joining the community to make a difference. Your achievements will mean so much more!
Since we’re in the business of environmentally-friendly technologies, we know our professional success automatically makes a positive impact. We help vessel owners meet and surpass MARPOL standards for smaller footprints on our marine environments. However, we don’t stop there. We also work to make the world a better place by getting involved with charitable causes we hold near and dear including WISTA, the Coast Guard Foundation and Seafarers’ House. We understand that the importance of making the world a better place also extends beyond the environment. Any business making profits can find ways to give back to their immediate communities and to the world.

The Causes We Support

We support WISTA because the international organization supports and promotes the furthering of female professionals’ careers in the maritime industry. With chapters located around the globe, they do their part to provide access to industry resources, information and education otherwise difficult for females in the industry to obtain. For example, this year’s WISTA Conference included the opportunity for members to gain access to the vessel’s bridge for guided tours. Only a very small percentage of women ever have the chance to enjoy such an opportunity.
The Coast Guard Foundation provides servicemen with access to education and support in times of need. Seafarers’ House is an organization dedicated to supporting mariners from around the world. They provide pastoral care, counseling, communication support, money sending services and comforts and conveniences to 150,000+ hardworking seafarers visiting Port Everglades each year. Seafarers are the backbone of our global economy and we are happy to help them in any way we can.
So, tell us, how will you take Ashford’s challenge to heart?


12-16-2016 at 11:10