Marine Press and Ocean Guardian Sign Exclusive Agreement to Create the Most Comprehensive Digital Operations Tool on the Market






Partnership brings together best in class environmental compliance and navigational tools

June 20, 2018 – Marine Press, Total Marine Solutions and Brenock have partnered to advance digital transformation in the maritime industry.  In an exclusive arrangement announced today at Marine Money, Marine Press will offer Total Marine Solution’s Ocean Guardian as an embedded software in its SeaPassage suite of integrated e-navigation solutions.  The inclusion of Ocean Guardian brings voyage planning and environmental operations together for safer navigation, easier compliance and more efficient workflow.

“Bringing Ocean Guardian to Marine Press clients is a significant step forward in transforming the industry.  It creates the most comprehensive digital navigation and voyage planning tool on the market – a seamless product that simplifies onboard decision making and voyage planning,” said Nicholas Bourque, CEO of Marine Press. “We are delighted to provide this benefit to our clients.”

“We created Ocean Guardian as a digitization tool to improve environmental compliance and enhance workflow.  The exclusive partnership with Marine Press is a natural step in further integrating compliance into overall shipboard operations,” said Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons, president of Total Marine Solutions. “We’re proud to partner with the industry leader in  e-navigation to provide something never before seen on the market.”

Ocean Guardian provides environmental compliance and regulatory information for international, national, regional and company rules at the click of a button.  Alarms and optional relay valves alert operators to changes in regulatory requirements as a ship moves.  Ocean Guardian is verified and vetted by a third-party law firm, ensuring the regulatory database is comprehensive and accurate.  The partnership allows Marine Press clients to include environmental compliance requirements in voyage planning seamlessly, significantly increasing workflow efficiency.

Digital navigation solutions from Marine Press and Ocean Guardian will be integrated in partnership with Brenock, a leader in maritime software and technology.

Known for excellent customer service and client support, Marine Press and Total Marine Solutions are leaders in providing innovative and advanced solutions to the maritime market.

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About Total Marine Solutions

Total Marine Solutions was established in 2000 with a specific mission to supply environmental products and services with a commitment to customer service and consistent, reliable support. Its focus has remained fixed on working with ship owners and operators in complying with the ever-changing regulations related to environmental protection. This is accomplished through representation of quality manufacturers specializing in the treatment of waste streams, development of monitoring devices and analysis support. Bringing more than thirty years of support expertise in both the sales and purchasing functions of ship operations, the management team at TMS maintains a mindset of ensuring a heightened standard of service excellence. This standard motivates our processes and overall way of doing business.

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About Marine Press

Marine Press offers a complete range of integrated navigation solutions – from paper products to e-navigation. We understand the needs of vessel operators and our solutions are as flexible as our customers are diverse. Our solutions are all designed to improve efficiency and ease your day-to-day operations onboard and ashore.

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About Brenock

Brenock solutions power the most notable Fortune 500 companies in the Cruise, Marine, Hospitality, Financial, Medical and Idea Management verticals.  We have specialists with years of deep industry experience, so your customized applications not only achieve your functional goals, but show proven success metrics.  We understand the significance of our partnership and the services we create for you. There is no place for second best. That’s why our customers have come back to us time and time again, year after year for the past twenty five years.

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