Have You Gone Solar?

solar-cells-1218453_1920Have you delved into the world of solar energy for your environmentally-friendly yacht or ship? The use of solar power technology is quickly becoming widespread in a number of industries and the maritime industry isn’t getting left behind! Do some research to see how you and your vessel can benefit from bringing on different types of solar powered technologies. The solar powered AIS Class B Small and VMS Identifier is a wonderful example of the potential benefits to be enjoyed!


The Solar Powered AIS Class B Small and VMS Identifier

The solar powered AIS Class B Small and VMS identification transceiver is one of the most impressive new solar powered technologies available for maritime vessels. It’s the very first fully certified model available on the planet and it’s produced by SRT Marine Systems, plc. The Identifier is complete with high-tech security features and options, an excellent GPS system, VHF antennas and terrestrial/satellite tracking modes that may be used interchangeably. It needed to be used via direct connection to the ship’s power supply or via a rechargeable battery which seems standard enough. The twist is that it’s now available with the Solar Power Kit that allows it to be used without ever using a vessel’s power! It can now run on battery power alone for over five days without the need for being charged.

Of course, maritime environments present plenty of physical challenges and special circumstances and these conditions have been taken into consideration. Solar power is terrific and systems can be designed to withstand rough weather, long term uses and the often rough onboard environments associated with commercial shipping. On top of these features, solar power can be easy to use, effective and cost efficient.

We love that they have taken the initiative to develop such a useful and environmentally-sound product and we look forward to seeing more solar powered marine technologies appear on the market!


09-19-2016 at 8:08