Labor Day History


Monday marks the celebration of Labor Day 2016. Celebrated and recognized the first Monday of each September, Labor Day became an official national holiday in 1896. It’s a day to take the time to recognize the fruits of labor of hardworking Americans throughout the country and even worldwide. Our hard work equates to incredible advancements in our society and it’s the backbone of our nation’s economy. This Labor Day, we would like to specifically highlight the work of individuals in the maritime industry.

The American maritime industry is an important international force that supports our economy and allows us to lead the lifestyles and partake in the industries we do today. Our maritime industry is made up of a host of hardworking professionals from seafarers to ship builders… and we are grateful for them all!

How will you celebrate this Labor Day? Do you have the day off? We hope you will have time to celebrate and reflect with your closest family and friends!


08-29-2016 at 1:32