Research a Big Part of Intern’s Experience

For the last seven weeks, I have been lucky enough to serve my internship at Total Marine Solutions. The team has kept me busy with activities and meetings and learning what it’s like to work for a company that serves the maritime community.

This week was spent doing a lot of research for TMS’ Ocean Guardian database. Ocean Guardian is a tool for ship operators to immediately access the latest environmental regulations. We have spent a lot of time working on important features, including the addition of pollution regulations from both foreign and domestic port authorities. We are receiving plenty of helpful feedback from people all over the world.

On Wednesday, I attended a webinar with Val, representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency and Port Everglades. The webinar was about reporting the EPA’s findings from an assessment of Port Everglades’ environmental sustainability efforts. Based upon those EPA’s findings, Port Everglades has proved to be doing a fantastic job at being a productive and economically significant port, while at the same time excelling in environmental stewardship.

Thursday, I again conducted more research in the morning and then in the afternoon Val and Alia and I worked on Ocean Guardian. We met in the conference room to discuss ways to improve on its functionality. The following day we continued our efforts.

This week included a lot of independent work, for which I am very thankful to have had. I have enjoyed working with Ocean Guardian to ensure that it is the best it can be. I am eager to begin next week and will let you all know how it goes!”


08-06-2018 at 6:57