Three Things to Look for at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show

dinner-key-marina-1444341_1920Will you be attending the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show? It’s one of the most important and exclusive yacht shows in the world, attracting visitors from continents the world over. You can always expect to see the latest, the greatest and innovations you’d never imagined. Here are three exciting trends to look out for at the show. We’ll see you there!

1. Sustainable/Environmentally-Friendly Onboard Equipment

Vessels at the show will marvel with attractive, practical and convenient sustainable design. Environmentally-friendly onboard equipment is quickly evolving, see how far the industry has come. Look out for sustainably produced ships as well as vessels with LED lighting and coatings that minimize their impact on marine environments. Rarer materials such as Burmese teak are being replaced with sustainable material such as Kebony wood while others are now being made from 100% recyclable material. And it’s now just the decks that are being made from recyclable matter, expect to see this alternative in use for a selection of different parts.

2. Smaller and More Efficient Equipment

Many new vessels feature special designs requiring less power and less fuel. Some of the latest features are answers to more efficiently meet current MARPOL standards whereas others are taking green yacht life further to usher in a new wave of greater consciousness at sea. You’ll see electric engines, solar power features and high performance propellers. There are electric vessels offering custom engine sizes and battery capacities based on buyers’ needs. Vessels operating making almost no sound join the fight against noise pollution and high-tech anti-UV film gives yachts the power of heating and cooling energy-efficiency.

3. Luxury Is Back in Yachting!

Yacht manufacturers have turned their focus back to the luxury aspect of their designs. This boat show is sure to feature plenty of head turners featuring the latest trends such as ergonomically designed seating areas, the finest in furniture and furnishings and retractable sunroofs and balconies. You’ll see hydraulic swimming platforms and experience acoustic insulation accompanied by interiors and exteriors with maximized spaces for the utmost of comfort at sea from favorite luxury brands from Azimut to Princess.
It’s an exciting time to shop for a new yacht. We’re so happy to see the far-reaching impact of environmental initiatives in the industry and we can’t wait to find out what’s next.


10-21-2016 at 8:30