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TMS is proud to provide sales and service for TX Marine products, including:

Shaft power and Torque measurement (TORXmeter®)

Messemodell_TORXmeter_02_LR-260x185Simplified Shaftpower Measurement with an excellent price-performance ratio. TORXmeter® is a continuous shaft power measurement system. Developed with the purpose of flexible installation, ­the design of the TORXmeter® allows easy installation of the two magnetic sensor belts in a distance between 1,5 to 2m*. Different shaft diameter for each sensor belts is also possible. We recommend installing the system with an intermediate shaft bearing in between to use the bearing socket for installation. (*<1,5m on request)­ Easy installation ­An comprehensive preparation and installation manual with a lot of pictures allows to install the TORXmeter®without any service technician and special skills ­> installation via ships crew.­ Easy operation­Intuitive operation by touch screen display of the Terminal Box. Display of KPI’s such as: Torque [kNm], RPM, Shaftpower [kW], live load diagram. Automatically generated reports (daily,­or sea trial report). Easy calibration(zeroing) procedure by ships crew is possible!

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Cylinder Pressure – electronic (PMImkII)


ThePMImk2can be seen as the electronic equivalent of the range of mechanical indicators with all advantages of an electronic device and a very convincing price­performance ratio. If precise digital pressure measurements of ship’s engines are needed, thePMImk2is the ideal instrument. The hand­held is ready­to­use and is very simple to operate. With the included Windows PC software, measurements can be archived, mailed or used to analyze the engines using the many sophisticated data visualizations. It is a powerful and easy­to­useelectronic indication device. A specially developed measuring procedure allows a high­accuracy level of the measuring results.

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