Food Waste Management

ORCA Digesters is a global leader in food waste recycling systems. ORCA’s innovative food-grade stainless steel aerobic digester facilitates the rapid composting of food waste in institutional and commercial settings. Through the use of constant displacement, oxygen, cold water, and a proprietary microorganism mixture the machine mimics natural digestion, turning the food waste into a liquid that can be safely discharged into the sanitary drain system.

 Meet the ORCA Family

NEW! ORCA OG50-Low Profile Unit

ORCA designers teamed with a major cruise operator to design the first Low Profile Food Digester specifically designed for shipboard galleys.

ORCA Low Profile OG50

Once installed in the galley, the crew onboard begin treating the food waste generated from food prep and end of meal service just meters from where the waste was generatedNo need to transport food waste to below decks for processing, increasing crew efficiency and welfare. The ORCA OG50-Low Profile also incorporates a countertop work surface for optimal use of space.


Basic Product Details

Aerobically processes an average of 23 kilograms of food waste per hour.
L 162.89 cm x W 79.43 cm x H 101.55 cm.


Traditional ORCA Units

ORCA can accommodate any galley’s food waste volumes and space limitations. Click here or the image below for product dimensions, capacity and technical details.

ORCA x4 machines copy