Ocean Guardian’s global regulatory database now includes more than 10,000 international, national, regional, and port regulations and guidelines

Ocean Guardian, a global environmental compliance tool, announced that it now includes more than 10,000 regulations, guidelines, and rules to aid vessels with environmental compliance around the world. Ocean Guardian’s database includes guidance for MARPOL discharge streams, covering international, national, regional, and port-specific regulations. The tool is installed on hundreds of  vessels around the world, ranging from commercial cargo vessels to cruise ships and superyachts.

“Rapidly changing environmental regulations create challenges for busy crew and shoreside staff, our aim is to simplify and allow teams to easily take command of their environmental compliance,” said  Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons, CEO  of Total Marine Solutions (TMS), the developer of Ocean Guardian.

Ocean Guardian’s comprehensive and proprietary global database of regulations is updated by experienced marine professionals on an ongoing basis, and verified and vetted by a third-party, independent maritime law firm to provide accurate information. In addition to researching and soliciting updates and changes from regulatory authorities, a feedback loop allows crew members and shoreside teams to submit requests, inquiries, and documentation for review by the Ocean Guardian team.

“The frequency and speed in which regulations are changing can be daunting,” noted Val Cannon, Environmental Regulatory Manager who oversees Ocean Guardian’s regulatory database. “Our clients know that we are here to support and serve them. It is our goal to reduce confusion and increase knowledge.”

Launched in 2017 to simplify environmental compliance, Ocean Guardian digitally matches a vessel’s location to the global comprehensive regulatory database. Simple red, yellow and green discharge notifications provide at-a-glance information regarding discharge streams, with in-tool access to the actual regulation for questions or clarification. Additional features, such as Port Pronto, incorporate bound for port checklists, facilitating environmental and vessel operation. Ocean Guardian also integrates with the world’s leading navigation tools and includes options to integrate with shipboard equipment.  Onboard alarms are available to notify crew when a vessel transits regulatory zones, reducing the risk of a missed boundary or change in regulatory zone.

For more information, please visit www.OceanGuardian.com.