Ocean Guardian, the leading digital solution for environmental compliance, announced today that it had surpassed 8,000 active and deployed environmental rules in its comprehensive regulatory database. The digital compliance tool, currently used by more than 1,200 vessels worldwide, matches a vessel’s location to applicable international, national, regional, and port regulations providing at-a-glance regulatory guidance and data for busy seafarers. This regulatory milestone represents the ongoing investment Total Marine Solutions, Ocean Guardian’s parent company, has put into the digital solution since it was launched in 2017.

“Clients have really driven the continual development and expansion of the tool,” noted Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons, president of Fort Lauderdale based Total Marine Solutions. “We recently opened our Port Pronto module, originally developed for a specific client, to all of our clients as further support compliance related to specific port calls.”

Port Pronto is available at no charge for web-based Ocean Guardian subscribers or available through independent licensed as a stand-alone web-based product.  Port Pronto includes digital access to bound-for-port requirements, port documents as well as inbound checklists for ports.  The system also serves as a depository for vessel certificates with email notifications reminding users of renewal requirements.  Both Port Pronto and Ocean Guardian integrate with leading voyage planning and navigational software on the market.

“The regulatory environment is increasingly complex, and the consequences of non-compliance are increasingly costly,” noted Total Marine Solutions’ Environmental Regulatory Manager Valerie Cannon. “Every update to Ocean Guardian aims to automate, simplify, and increase access to easy-to-understand guidance and documentation – we want to make environmental compliance as simple and straightforward as possible.”

The environmental rules in Ocean Guardian’s database are verified and vetted by a third-party maritime law firm before deployment. Ocean Guardian’s regulatory database is expected to exceed 10,000 rules by the end of 2023, with new rules continually being added and updated.

“Ocean Guardian users reach out to us all the time offering feedback and real-time experiences,” noted Anagnostis-Irons. “We take their feedback and refine our tools, settings, and outputs. We want the tool to be responsive to their onboard or shoreside needs.  That’s how Port Pronto came to be.”

Ocean Guardian, which received SOC Type 1 and 2 certifications last year, is maintained by Total Marine Solutions, with licensing available through a select number of partners worldwide.  For more information, please visit www.oceanguardian.com.