TMS and TGM Fleet & Consulting Services Sign MOU Promoting Access to Port Specific Environmental Regulations

IMG_9836Fort Lauderdale, FL, September 28, 2018Total Marine Solutions (TMS) and TGM Fleet & Consulting Services (TGM) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding designed to strengthen and promote the development of port specific information incorporated into TMS’ Ocean Guardian product.

Developed by TMS, in collaboration with Brenock, Ocean Guardian is a digital tool that provides shipboard operators with immediate access to environmental regulations around the world. The software system removes the guesswork from environmental compliance, providing operators with immediate and accurate information on regulations pertaining to a specific location.

TGM, which offers global maritime waste management and carbon footprint reduction programs in 56 countries and more that 100 ports, will work in collaboration with TMS to implement mutually beneficial programs, projects and activities designed to promote the recognition of vetted port reception facilities around the world.

“This collaboration comes at a time when a greater emphasis is being placed on marine environment protection and preservation,” said Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons, President of Total Marine Solutions. “Ocean Guardian provides the full environmental picture for an area by incorporating port information including availability of reception facilities, MARPOL certificate requirements, waste stream handling details and basic port contact information.”

Under Ocean Guardian’s Manage Port Module, clients will be able to immediately see which ports have reception facilities vetted by TGM. In addition, TGM clients will be able to use the Ocean Guardian web-based portal to store port specific documents.

“This collaboration is unprecedented and timely as the global maritime industry is demanding 360 degrees of environmental compliance,” said TGM Co-founder Alejandro Trillo Menchelli. “There is a clear need in the maritime industry for adequate Port Reception Facilities with full visibility of the whole sustainable process. We are looking into incorporating blockchain in the data management area to have full transparency with all the stakeholders involved in the process.”

About Total Marine Solutions

Total Marine Solutions was established in 2000 with a specific mission to supply environmental products and services with a commitment to customer service and consistent, reliable support. Its focus has remained fixed on working with ship owners and operators in complying with the ever-changing regulations related to environmental protection. This is accomplished through representation of quality manufacturers specializing in the treatment of waste streams, development of monitoring devices and analysis support. Bringing more than thirty years of support expertise in both the sales and purchasing functions of ship operations, the management team at TMS maintains a mindset of ensuring a heightened standard of service excellence. This standard motivates our processes and overall way of doing business. For more information visit and

About TGM

TGM Fleet & Consulting Services was stablished in Germany in 2016 with the mission of reducing Global Warming by coordinating a worldwide network of Port Reception Facilities for Ship Generated Waste. With a “One Stop Shop” approach TGM coordinates waste management in more than 100 ports in 50 countries. Standardized metrics, waste volumes, waste disposal costs, recycling metrics, and official documentation such as waste delivery receipts and waste treatment certificates are stored in one place so the clients have KPIs available at any time. TGM also audits the port reception facilities to make sure they are 100% compliant. Apart from the convenience of coordinating waste management services throughout the world with a single source, TGM also offers the first global liability insurance that covers any service contracted with them. For further information visit



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