Total Marine Solutions, a leader in environmental compliance solutions for the commercial, offshore, cruise and yacht industries, announced today that is has successfully passed a Systems and Organizational Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 examination. SOC 2 focuses on an organization’s internal controls designed to meet its service commitments and system requirements based on the Security, Availability, Confidentiality, Processing, and Integrity criteria established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Total Marine Solutions offers clients traditional MARPOL compliance solutions as well as two key digital solutions to streamline and support their environmental compliance programs – TMS Digital Warehouse and Ocean Guardian. TMS Digital Warehouse, is a cloud-based tool for accessing, storing, and sharing required maintenance and service reports, verification certificates, and required documentation for environmental audits. Ocean Guardian is a comprehensive digital solution that matches a vessels’ location to a verified and vetted database of global environmental regulations.

In earning the SOC 2 – Type 1, Total Marine Solutions maintains its adherence to one of the most stringent, industry-accepted compliance frameworks for service organizations and provides additional assurance to its clients, through an independent auditor, that its business process, information technology and risk management controls are properly designed. The examination was conducted by Dansa D’Arata Soucia LLP.

“The completed SOC2 Type 1 examination demonstrates TMS’ ongoing commitment to serving our clients’ needs,” said Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons, president of TMS. “As the maritime industry continues to digitize, we strive to provide top quality solutions that address not only their shipboard needs, but also their shoreside security and asset integrity requirements.”

Total Marine Solutions is currently going through SOC2 Type 2 testing.

About Total Marine Solutions

Total Marine Solutions was established in 2000 with a specific mission to supply environmental products and services with a commitment to customer service and consistent, reliable support. Its focus has remained fixed on working with ship owners and operators in complying with the ever-changing regulations related to environmental protection. This is accomplished through representation of quality manufacturers specializing in the treatment of waste streams, development of monitoring devices and analysis support. Bringing more than thirty years of support expertise in both the sales and purchasing functions of ship operations, the management team at TMS maintains a mindset of ensuring a heightened standard of service excellence. This standard motivates our processes and overall way of doing business.

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About Dansa D’Arata Soucia LLP

Dansa D’Arata Soucia LLP (“DDS”) is a full service CPA firm based out of Buffalo, New York. Over the past decade, DDS has built a team of auditors dedicated to understanding the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria and how properly applying best practices to comply with this set of criteria results in mitigation of risk as it relates to protecting sensitive data. DDS understands that a SOC 2 examination can be initially intimidating. As such, DDS has worked tirelessly on finding ways to streamline the examination process to be as minimally invasive as possible on company resources. This allows the management teams of their clients to stay focused on growing their businesses! To learn more about DDS and their SOC services, please contact Daniel Garigen, CPA at [email protected] and visit their website at