“Focusing on Solutions” Maritime Event

Focusing on Solutions

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017  
8:00am- 5:00pm  
Deer Park,TX

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The maritime industry is experiencing the most aggressive regulatory change in history, with the adoption of a global sulphur cap of .5%, adoption of the ballast water management convention, a roadmap and strategy for greenhouse gases, including mandatory reporting of fuel efficiency by 2019, a NECA proposal for the Baltic and North Seas, restriction of HFO in the Arctic and more!  Join your industry colleagues as we “Focus on Solutions” for these and other challenges facing the marine industry.

Welcome and overview

Captain Shearon, Presiding Officer- Houston Pilots and Joe Hughes, NAMEPA Chairman and CEO/President of the American Club

Setting the Stage
Is Sustainability Profitable? – Sherman Hampton, ExxonMobil
What society expects from the marine industry- Chris Wolfe, EDF
Defining environmental stewardship- RADM Paul Thomas, USCG

Meeting the Future
Environmental Compliance Challenges for the future- Jon Waldron, Blank Rome
The new fuel paradigm – Dr. Vis, Viswa Lab
Vessel maneuverability and the use of ULSFO- Captain Charlie Tweedel, Sabine Pilots
How does the use of LNG promote CSR- Aziz – GTT
Safety and expertise in the LNG arena- Cmdr. Jason Smith, USCG

Strategies for Success
Ports’ Approach to Success- Leah Oberlin, Port of Houston Authority
Update on Ballast Water Management Treatment- William Burroughs, ABS
How ports are promoting sustainability- Captain Anuj Chopra, RightShip
The changing role of the mariner– Dr. Jason Zuidema, NAMMA


What’s Next?
How education is adapting to change- Captain Michael Rodriguez- Superintendent, Texas A&M Maritime Academy
A Case Study on San Jacinto basin – Dr. Rupa Iyer, University of Houston
NAMEPA’s CSR vision – Carleen Lyden-Kluss, Co-Founder/Executive Director, NAMEPA


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