Total Marine Solutions (TMS) has signed an agreement with TX Marine Messsysteme GmbH (TXM), a leader in engine energy consumption and management tools, to represent the TORXmeter and PMImkII for the United States market.  This represents an expansion into energy consumption monitoring for TMS, which has focused on MARPOL compliant solutions since 2000.  Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Total Marine Solutions represents high-quality manufacturers of MARPOL compliant solutions worldwide to the cruise, commercial, and offshore industries. This is the company’s first agreement for fuel consumption solution and equipment.

“Energy monitoring is a natural progression for our business,” said TMS president Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons. “Fuel consumption and engine monitoring play a critical role in environmental operations and the bottom line. We’re very happy to expand into this new area for our clients.”

“The expansion of our worldwide network is very important for us. We not only want to make our products and solutions better known, also increase our global coverage through trained service partners. With TMS’ many years of experience in environmental solutions, we see a great potential for the cooperation,” said Nadine Paschen, managing director of TX Marine.

“At a time when so many of our clients are looking to optimize voyage planning, and reduce costs, with an eye on sustainability, it makes sense to collaborate with TX Marine to represent these solutions,” said Anagnostis-Irons.

TMS will offer sales, service, and support for TX Marine’s TORXmeter® Shaftpower Measurement System and PMImkIII. The TORXmeter® Shaftpower Measurement System is one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions for speed, torque, and shaft power measurement on marine shafts, supporting precise calculations of fuel consumption for optimization and environmental sustainability.  The PMImkII (pressure mean indicator) allows for engine diagnosis, to analyze a myriad of operational problems quickly and reliably in the engine, before they become a costly issue.

TX Marine and Total Marine Solutions are leaders in providing innovative and advanced solutions to the maritime market.  Both are recognized worldwide for their unrivaled customer service and client support. For more information, please visit